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  • Linda Bolliger on 26 Sep 17:34

    Thanks for addressing this issue directly.

  • Claire on 24 Sep 01:44

    I do not like a man coming on my face.

  • Jim on 24 Sep 01:20

    I actually find myself correcting the young guys at work about how to treat thier women.

  • ben on 23 Sep 14:06


  • feeling left out on 23 Sep 06:14

    love the concept, but i wish this website was less heteronormative.

  • Charles on 23 Sep 01:57

    As a guy, it's always seemed obvious to me that the 'cum on the face' routine is a result of working conditions. It allows the showing of climax vividly, while minimizing risks to actresses. The idea that people would actually do this is real life seems kind of silly.

  • jerry on 22 Sep 22:28

    Cumming inside a woman in porn means the audience cannot see the result. Ejaculating on a woman's stomach meant that the camera wouldn't let the audience see the actress' expression. But if the male actor came on her face, the viewer could see two things at once: evidence of male pleasure by the ejaculation and the woman's reaction to that pleasure.

  • GeorgeNorth on 22 Sep 04:20

    Nothing feels better than coming INSIDE my lady, pussy or mouth, no condom (married, monogamous, vasectomized). Coming outside just seems silly. Besides, she says she can feel it inside and that it makes her come harder. So why bother with this face stuff?

  • slickjim on 21 Sep 23:21

    Are we not getting away from the idea that porn is fantasy and not reality? And the two shouldn't be mixed? I'd love to have three hot girls doing all sorts of things to me with perfect bodies and me lasting hours... But I don't think my wife nor any of my past girlfriends would have enjoyed me bringing two other females to the party. Let's get real, porn is for entertainment, just like movies.

  • Phoenix on 21 Sep 22:55

    As an older woman myself, I appreciate the introduction of this rich and powerful dialogue! I also have a son in his 20's who was exposed to pornography in his early life by his father's careless porn library habits. I often wonder how he treats his women - a conversation that may take place out of sheer curiosity. Defacto sex education via porn - fascinating lens through which to view the sexualization of a puritanical shame based culture that tends to be misogynistic. No wonder women are objectified, shamed, abused and raped (rape culture, another perpetuation and manifestation of main stream norms) without conscience. Reeducation, rehabilitation!

  • Anna on 21 Sep 20:00

    I'm an older woman who doesn't date younger men, but it makes sense that young men expect real sexual encounters to be similar to the porn videos they've grown up watching. But Cindy, you have not said anything about how young women's expectations are being changed by porn. It seems very evident to me that young women believe they are expected to "perform" like a porn star- that the female role is to please him by looking and acting very sexy and performing in whatever way he wants (like in the movie). End of story. Sure, they both want her to have a good time and to have spectacular and multiple orgasms - but that may be where she has to do some more performing, so that he gets the idea she considers him the best she's ever had. Because, it's still all about him. About him being a stud. Because, like so many other things in the lives of young men, it's all about competition. Not just who has the latest iPhone? Who has the coolest clothes/brands/car etc. It's really about who is the biggest stud? Who's got the biggest dick? Wouldn't it be nice if two ordinary young people who have had an eye for each other for a while, decide to make today the day they meet and discover what each wants and needs to know about the other before any kissing starts. And when the kissing does start, and it's mutual, but then it's not, and she/he says, no, I don't do that on a first date, but I'd really like you to ... whatever. And they both recognise that unlike making porn, making love has no script - making love means being attentive to and aware of subtle signals as well as having the confidence to talk about what's happening. And they can both be open to respond to the other in this here and now moment... do girls still want that? Where do they learn that?

  • VoiceOvers20 on 21 Sep 01:22

    If both adults are for it why not? As a general rule for myself? Not since my early 20's and I was influenced by porn way too much then...I found MY OWN voice now :-)

  • HandsSolo on 20 Sep 21:59

    I wish someone had told my soon to be ex-husband that 3rd point when he was young enough to still believe it and not be offended or intimidated by it. I loved the man dearly, but never once had an orgasm while having sex with him. Suggesting he try something different only upset him. I asked if sex was different with her, but he said no, he did nothing differently. I wonder if her clit is located in some other location or if she fakes it. I never did, but he also never seemed to notice.

  • Angela on 19 Sep 21:10

    As a 79 year old widow, I applaud you! Having a site where young people can get a bit of advice that is reality, is awesome! Women's sex drive, #1 need not die because of being "old" (what is THAT?), nor because they are widowed. Amazing sex is built on TRUTH! ASK, and it shall be given to you...Discuss these things with each other, and you are in for a phenomenal ride!

  • emily on 17 Sep 21:04

    yea im usually not feeling it and if i feel pressured in any way to allow it, it further turns me off.

  • Tara on 17 Sep 02:37

    Perhaps it's like a male dog peeing everywhere to mark his territory.

  • TL on 17 Sep 02:34

    I'll let him come on my face when he lets me pee on his. It won't happen.

  • Gary on 16 Sep 23:09

    My wife doesn't want it so I don't do it. Period. Our love/sex is fabulous and I'm 63 and she's 54.

  • some girl on 15 Sep 01:53

    I watched the Ted talk and love that somebody has started a conversation about this. I can totally relate to feeling pressure to pretend to love what I see in porn. This is coming from an ex porn star.

  • Rusty on 14 Sep 21:55

    Not true I don't like to I have because the lady has asked me to but not my favorite way!

  • Cynthia on 12 Sep 18:29

    Porn also uses more come than any one man has! I don't mind on my breast if we need to try something different. I was sleeping with a French man years ago and his penis was extremely small, to compensate he tried unusual stuff like pushing wads of saliva in my mouth and even came in my ear!? It wasn't arousing in the least bit, and I ended the relationship quickly. I found the more porn I watched the less I enjoyed sex. I switched to romance in films.

  • Jonathon on 11 Sep 21:52

    Coming on their face and come (spelling)... isn't it suppose to be cumming and cum?

  • Pat on 11 Sep 19:55

    Note to men: Really...why do you like this? I thought having vaginal sex was supposed to be better than masturbation. If you want to hit a target, throw a baseball at a target on a wall, or for the more creative, pee in the snow or sand and make a picture with your urine.

  • 123456 on 09 Sep 10:00

    no comment

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