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  • Johny on 26 May 15:13

    nice to have different prospective

  • Arximidis on 26 May 07:04

    Good effort

  • Christina on 25 May 19:00


  • Frank Cohen on 25 May 15:27

    Greeting from Hamburg in Germany- where the hamburgers came from! I was once the youngest pornactor in Germany. Started “my work” in the age of 18 and the next 4 years “this work” of hart core porn changed everything in me. I could never relax with a women. I grew up with porn and I acted like porn when I had a “girlfriend” this time. frankly said, I was not able to love. I was not able to trust I was not able to enjoy love. 80% of all prostitutes where sexually abused in there childhood. They had incest and where molested, sold to other people and grew up with rejection from there parents. My father was an alcoholic and full of anger. My mother run away from him and us and our childhood was sad, we had day and night fear. There was no love, There was more coldness. Where can you run to if you need comfort? Sex, Drugs and Party. That is way so many cell themselves there bodys fore money for drugs for attention. “Fucking like a Pornstar” is not a blessing when you have no love in your live. It is a curse. I had “to do it 3 hours” and if my girlfriend dit not like it then I felt rejected. In the age of 23 I had to go to the German military and goes what? One of the soldiers found a hart core magazine with me and then I was hunted for my “dirty work as a Pornactor” they put me also in jail for that even if it “was my private thing” I broke and after my military time I started a new live and had more then 10 years not sex. I had enough. There are two kinds of sex: One without love without relationship “only sex” full of hate paint oriented humiliation (some need this because they are traumatizers and the other is with love with respect with friendship. I wrote my story 10 years ago. If you like to read it I can send it as an pdf....send me a mail. (Fore free) Porn is not a blessing porn is a curse and it came from the satanic ritual time from Babylon……where Tempel- prostitutes fuckt fore there gods in the tempels…….you can read this …. Frank

  • sebastian t. on 25 May 12:27

    Interested in this site after reading an article on facebook. Tired of "common" porn ;)

  • Denise Ariane on 24 May 19:37

    Love making love.

  • Marcel on 24 May 16:57

    I've red an article in the German magazine FAZ and it sounds definitely interesting! I'm talking a lot to other persons about sex and their personal sexlife. I've often hear about the problems they have. And I think a lot of them are caused by the wrong impression given by the porn industries to them.

  • Leslie on 24 May 15:55


  • Joyce on 24 May 10:07

    Defintely interesting

  • rrod on 24 May 09:00


  • tommj on 24 May 07:05

    I am excited

  • Max on 23 May 21:35

    Can't imagine what's next

  • Tom2001 on 23 May 19:46


  • bernie on 23 May 17:56

    Yes i will try it

  • Jo on 23 May 16:28


  • Amanda on 23 May 15:43

    very good

  • Sarah K. on 23 May 15:12


  • Frike on 23 May 13:36

    "Zu glauben, man könne aus Pornos etwas über Sex lernen ist als ob man glaubte, man könne Autofahren lernen, indem man sich 'The Fast and The Furious' ansieht"

  • Frike on 23 May 13:35

    "Zu glauben, man könne aus Pornos etwas über Sex lernen ist als ob man glaubte, man könne Autofahren lernen, indem man sich 'The Fast and The Furious' ansieht"

  • Mark on 23 May 12:22


  • Dan on 23 May 12:03


  • kdlsfjsdlf on 22 May 22:56


  • John Brandimore on 22 May 20:34

    I have always been one who doesn't like it. And I get tired of it being in EVERY video

  • wushuyu on 22 May 11:03


  • Roberta on 22 May 09:45

    You are addressing something that I have been talking about for awhile now with friends. Glad to know I'm not the only one who sees this. Thanks for opening a discussion.

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