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  • Ben and Jerry on 20 Jun 20:30

    Just saw Cindy Gallop on The Social! What a refreshing concept. My wife and I are in our early 60s and have rented some porn over the years but were getting quite turned off by the increase in the "need" for the "cum shot" or "facial". Who does that in reality? Virtually no one. We have also engaged In the "swing" lifestyle for over 26 years but have chosen a more "friends first" course and have never seen or been with anyone who liked or required a facial as a turn on! Not against the practice but don't personally or as a couple, have a desire for it.

  • Dianna on 20 Jun 20:13

    I personally do not like a man coming on my face. Making love instead of porn is a great idea which may help to educate everyone about a healthy sex life.

  • guersj on 19 Jun 09:48

    French man

  • sam on 19 Jun 08:55


  • akash on 19 Jun 07:30


  • Marcus on 18 Jun 13:34


  • Vasya on 18 Jun 02:36


  • Jake on 15 Jun 03:59


  • patrickwoodham on 20 May 12:01

    Awesome idea for a porno: Guy: Can I come on your face? Girl: No thanks, not really into that END SCENE

  • Eff Youseff on 13 May 02:08

    Love thyself, biatches!

  • Nicky on 11 May 16:38

    Splash water into a mans face during sex and see how much it turns him on.

  • Shane d on 11 May 04:54

    This is very good

  • rahul on 08 May 21:29

    better and better

  • just a girl on 08 May 19:52

    This is such a great site. User friendly and comfortable. I personally like not being bombarded by pix of scenes overly graphic. I think women and men together will love this site. You've definitely proved theres nothing more sexy than showing the intimacy of real life sex!

  • Baby on 08 May 15:23

    I Enjoy Watching And Making Porn

  • soulcatcher on 08 May 04:18

    TED lead us here, just like the truth

  • panos on 07 May 12:44

    I'm a man and I want to make love

  • Michael Renner on 06 May 22:07

    great concept and making love with all its frailties is hotter than porn any day.

  • Jellyfishjoe on 05 May 23:48

    I only enjoy it if a woman asks. And she has to love it. I will always grant her that wish if it truly makes her happy

  • John on 05 May 02:56

    I want understand sex better

  • john on 04 May 12:51


  • initialz on 03 May 14:48

    thanks to all of your effort paid ,to give we teens a real "world".

  • hupo962464 on 02 May 09:56

    I'd like feeling of self-confidence

  • 李飒 on 01 May 16:10

    Very good

  • he fan on 01 May 10:29

    i love this Web site

Displaying comments 1 - 25 of 4382 in total