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  • John on 04 May 05:40


  • rose on 02 May 11:07


  • Mac A. Damian on 01 May 21:40

    I feel like the author of this movement is generalizing their own experiences as if they are a universal truth, and that the authors' ideas about the fix is a universal fix. I saw the author on YouTube and she comes off like a "catfish". She seems to expect other to obey her concepts without realizing that the young man she has sex with are just as likely to not even care about her emotions, like trying to expect roses to grow on pavements. too bad

  • jamal on 01 May 15:52


  • jamal on 01 May 15:52


  • Jane on 01 May 03:06

    I like it sometimes. My boyfriend is 40 and I am 65. But It isn't that I LOVE it. He likes it and I sort of think it is funny. Honestly I find much of what he likes amusing, but it horrifies my friends. It bothers me (I heard the Ted Talk) that younger women may feel pressured into "liking it" when they don't. I pretty much do what I want and don't do what I don't want, and if he crosses the line, I usually can find some way to make it not happen again or to turn the tables on him. But then again, I am older and wiser and have seen most of it before. But that being said, I do like some of it.

  • Monin on 01 May 02:45


  • Natalia on 30 Apr 17:56

    Intrigued after reading glamour magazine

  • Pruthvi on 30 Apr 10:50


  • Brad on 29 Apr 16:03

    Hey there

  • Brad on 29 Apr 16:02


  • Pepe on 29 Apr 14:00

    No comments

  • Yonish on 29 Apr 09:40

    I want to feel real again and again

  • Lizzie on 29 Apr 08:02


  • Simran on 28 Apr 17:59

    I am curious

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  • Mary on 26 Apr 19:20

    Fuck my asshole

  • sdgsdgsdg on 26 Apr 12:35


  • autumn A. on 25 Apr 20:00

    I'm curious! #love#notporn

  • Deep on 25 Apr 09:03

    I want real love

  • k on 25 Apr 07:04


  • veronica on 24 Apr 06:20

    i so tired of this porn world, everything is so FAKE, i want something REAL with REAL feelings

  • Sergio on 24 Apr 05:23


  • Brandy Sloane on 24 Apr 00:14

    I feel like Cindy Gallop had some bad experiences with sex and feels that the porn she watches is responsible for corrupting the people she had sex with. Further it seems to me that Cindy Gallop believes her experience of bad sex blamed on porn she watches is a universal theme that all/many people must be having. I think it might be narcissistic to believe a lot people must be having your same problem and you have hit one the one size heals all solution. May be it is true that all men are victimizing all women in all area of humanity. I don't know. But women who feel they are victims continue to be victims, while women whom are empowered and have power know that disappointments are temporary state of learning before enlightens and growth.

Displaying comments 1 - 25 of 6872 in total