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  • Mee on 24 May 16:57


  • Tommi on 24 May 14:17


  • Tommi on 24 May 14:16

    I wouldnt

  • giuseppe on 23 May 17:04

    i like...

  • Giuseppe on 23 May 17:03


  • james on 23 May 14:42

    Who had sex be for

  • raj on 22 May 17:50


  • Eula on 22 May 16:39

    I waqt to know what real love is.

  • gil on 22 May 07:38


  • Jason meza on 22 May 03:46

    I like it

  • Andies Pizza on 22 May 02:32


  • Lisa Rampani on 21 May 20:59

    I would like to see what real sex is. Not that dangerous porn!

  • Sam on 21 May 04:05


  • Frex on 20 May 19:18

    The real sex is better

  • Tiffani on 19 May 04:30

    Its a personal preference. Everyone enjoys their own things. Many of us lady's dont enjoy it because we are left the awkward situation of trying to clean it off elegantly and while trying to spare the males feelings, or we just don't want it on our face and in our hair. Many men are realistic about this topic but some try the "its healthy for your skin" and "it'll be fun for you too" but those are both lies. Have an open conversation about where he can finish on you. Men, dont force a women to swallow. Some lady's are willing to but we don't all "love" the taste or texture of it. Instead ask the lady where she would prefer it either before you begin having sex or immediately before finishing allowing for her to make a choice. Its your sperm but her body and her mess to clean up unless you are willing to immediately help her cleanse. Respect her wishes. Have fun, be creative, be respectful!

  • richard on 18 May 02:50

    i just want to talk with woman about sex one on one with the ability to be completely honest about my desires

  • Ultras on 17 May 13:18

    salam seks

  • Detecgo geret on 17 May 04:09

    Derecho te refk

  • Rajesh Kumar on 16 May 16:59

    Time has come when we open about sex. Eliminating awkwardness and malpractices in society. A way towards Utopian world.

  • xieyue on 16 May 15:01


  • VISHNU on 16 May 09:10


  • Katie on 16 May 06:30


  • kiwity on 16 May 02:26


  • koko on 14 May 10:56

    Great idea

  • alfred on 13 May 22:07


Displaying comments 1 - 25 of 5092 in total